Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach Dr. Pond?

Text Message! Text Message! Text Message!  The fastest way to reach Dr. Pond is through text message.  When you send a text to her, she receives that directly; you can expect the most rapid response by way of Text Message! Dr. Pond may also be reached through email, but you will likely wait longer for a response through this channel.  Finally, you may call Dr. Pond, but you can expect that you will be sent to her messaging service. Text message is far and away the fastest way to reach Dr. Pond!

I have insurance, can I still see Dr. Pond?

Insured? No Problem!  Uninsured? No Problem!  Anyone can sign up for Direct Primary care, with Dr. Pond.  Some insured patients who enroll with a direct primary care doctor reduce their coverage and choose to only carry catastrophic medical insurance.  For uninsured patients DPC is an affordable way to get your health care needs met.  If you determine you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Pond's please submit your information on our New Patient Inquiry page.  Once you have submitted your inquiry you will be contacted to schedule a free consultation.  

What is the consultation?

During the initial free consultation you and Dr. Pond will meet (generally for an hour) and she will describe what services she provides, what you can expect from her as a physician and what she may expect from you as a patient.  After this visit (IT IS NOT A MEDICAL VISIT) you can both decide if it's a good fit for a Doctor/Patient relationship, and if you would like to move forward together.  If you determine that you are not a good fit, there are a number of excellent Direct Primary Care Physicians that she could recommend. If you just want to continue with the crushingly oppressive format of the traditional hospital run primary care systems, I say "Good luck to you, sir!"  If Dr. Pond determines that you are awesome and you think she is awesome and you both want to move forward with membership in her practice, you can expect the following. You will fill out paperwork for your record release (Dr. Pond needs your health records), sign a patient agreement with Dr. Pond, and complete the online sign-up process to join her practice as a member.  Finally, an initial medical visit will be scheduled once Dr. Pond has your records as this helps her to determine the best route to meeting your health care needs.   Healthcare systems have 28 days from the time they receive a request to deliver a patient's records (and they take as much of that time as they can).  

How much does it cost to see Dr. Pond? 

If you are a member of Dr. Pond's practice, you do not pay anything to see her other than your monthly membership fee. (see pricing) If you feel you need an appointment with Dr. Pond, text her and she will get back to you to determine if you should be seen.  Often concerns can be resolved without a visit.  For example: 

Patient: "Dr. Pond I have this rash." 

Dr. Pond: "Could you take a picture of it and text it to me?"

Patient: (sends picture).  

Dr. Pond: "Oh that's poison ivy, let me call you in the appropriate treatment." 

Patient: "Issue resolved, you are wonderful Dr. Pond!!"  


Dr. Pond will make every effort to address emergency issues which she is equipped to handle. However, there may be instances when Dr. Pond will recommend that you get emergency treatment from an Emergency Department or an Urgent Care Clinic. Example: 

Patient: "Dr. Pond I was at the beach and since global warming has made the great white sharks migrate closer to the Atlantic coast, one bit me and is hanging from my leg."  

Dr. Pond: "Oh no, that is horrible, but I don't have shark removal equipment, you should go to the E.R. 

Patient: "Shark Removed! Thank you Dr. Pond, you are wonderful!!"  



What else does Dr. Pond charge for?

All of your visits and communication with Dr. Pond are included in your subscription price.   In cases where Dr. Pond can complete your labs for a fraction of what they would cost at a hospital or lab office, she may offer to draw them. It would be an additional charge to process these labs. 

What type of visits does Dr. Pond offer?

Dr. Pond offers unlimited in-person visits, phone visits, and even home visits (at her discretion) and you can always easily reach her through text with your concerns.  Since you have direct access to her, you can simply text her with a blood pressure log, or how you are doing on a new medication, or if that shark bite is healing well.

Why would I join Dr. Pond's DPC?

Why wouldn't you?